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FT Technologies specialises in the supply of high performance Acoustic Resonance air flow sensors to demanding applications. All our sensors incorporate our own patented Acu-Res® technology which delivers reliable speed and direction data from compact sensors that will operate in the toughest conditions.

We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our engineering and the quality of our manufacturing processes and our products. We continue to invest in product development and are conducting leading edge research in to acoustics, transducers, aerodynamics, materials, coatings and environmental protection.

Our FT702LT series wind sensor is the only wind sensor specifically designed for turbine control. We are a major supplier of wind sensors to the wind energy industry and in mid 2011 the FT702LT series is used in serial production by 20 manufacturers 

We believe that these sensors are the most thoroughly tested on the market.

Our FT702LM sensor is designed to be incorporated in other manufacturers’ own equipment to provide compact, rugged high quality air flow measurement indoors or outdoors. The FT702LM is used in a wide range of air flow sensing applications from defence and vehicle and ship based systems to clean rooms.

FT was founded in 1981 and has been in business for over 30 years. We began supplying the wind turbine industry in 2002 and now have over 10 years experience in the business.



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