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Inspection and check service

With no moving parts and their solid state design FT products are very reliable and do not need calibration. However we do offer an 'inspection and check' service for customers who do not have access to a wind tunnel.

For a fee of £250 per sensor we will inspect a sensor for damage that might reduce performance and need repair. Each sensor is also checked in the wind tunnel and a certificate is produced to certify that the sensor is still within calibration.

  • Sensors are returned within 4-6 weeks.
  • All sensors are returned with their original factory default settings.
  • No additional costs for repairs or upgrades will be incurred without agreement from the customer.

Please note that only sensors manufactured since 2006 are eligible for this service. Please contact us for more details.


If you need to return a wind sensor for repair please request and complete the Returns Materials Authorisation (RMA) form.

Returns will not be accepted without prior approval via this authorisation form.

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Recycling service

As part of our commitment to the environment we are happy to recycle and safely dispose of our old wind sensors.

Please contact us to arrange for this service.



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