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Accessories for FT ultrasonic anemometers



Pipe Mount System

Acu-Test Evaluation Packs

FT702LT Sensor Carry Pouch




Pipe Mount System  (FT089)


The Pipe Mount system enables an FT wind sensor to be easily and securely mounted on to a pipe. This gives improved grounding and additional environmental and electromagnetic protection.

The adapter will fit a pipe of 41-50mm and is secured with 4 M8 bolts. The adapter can be adjusted until its top surface is flat and the datum point aligned to the centre line of the wind turbine. The 4 M8 bolts are then tightened, fixing the adapter in place and ensuring a good grounding connection for lighting protection. The cable is fed up through the pipe and adapter and connected to the base of the wind sensor. The sensor is fixed to the adapter using the top 3 M8 bolts and spring clip. This seals the sensor base and cable inside the pipe and adapter, protecting them from the environment. The corrosion resistant design means that the adapter can be deployed on top of a wind turbine for up to 25 years, even in offshore environments.

The sensor can be removed and replaced without the need for re-alignment.

The Pipe Mount System is available from FT Technologies as a finished product or as a set of drawings with a licence to manufacture.



Acu-Test Evaluation Packs


The FT Acu-Test packs use a simple, plug and play solution to check the functionality of an FT702LT wind sensor.


The pack is available for both analogue and digital wind sensors, allowing users to quickly and easily see on-screen readings as they are output from the sensor.

For the digital wind sensor

For the analogue wind sensor








Download the Acu-Test Datasheet for FT702LT (PDF 640 KB)

Download the Acu-Test Datasheet for FT702LT/D (PDF 299 KB)


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FT702LT Sensor Carry Pouch

FT702LT wind sensor carry pouch


The FT Sensor Carry Pouch has been designed specifically to aid in the safe transportation of sensors once they have been removed from the shipping container.

The Carry Pouch stops objects such as tools from accidentally entering and damaging the sensor measurement cavity. The pouch also has a clip, which means that it can be easily attached to belt or tool loops when climbing turbines or other equipment.

To purchase an FT702LT Sensor Carry Pouch at £10.00 +VAT or for more information on our accessories please contact




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